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About Us

Box H

It’s not just a brand name. It’s an actual “brand.”

When Harley F. Turnbull registered the Box H brand in 1945 so he could graze a few head of cattle on Black Tail Mountain in Sagle, little did he know that over 75 years later it would become a brand name. Box H is now the first trademark name of Harley’s great grandsons new business, Box H Construction.

Chris Turnbull, who never knew his great grandfather, came across the old branding iron on the family homestead in Sagle when he was a young boy and thought it was “really cool.” It would sit in the basement for another 10 years as Chris graduated from Sandpoint High School in 2013, worked many different jobs and eventually got into the construction industry. His first industry job was in manufactured stone, followed by a season spent roofing. It wasn’t long, however, before he was learning the industry from the ground up as he went on to work for several local construction companies before branching out on his own. Chris began his new business in March of 2021.

Today Box H Construction, LLC has 7 full-time employees and is available for all facets of residential construction, from new builds to remodels, add-ons, miscellaneous home repairs, as well as septic systems. Chris particularly likes framing, solving problems in creative ways and customer service. He genuinely likes people and loves to help them with their construction projects.

“When I’m not discussing the details of a project with a client, I’m swinging a hammer. Truth is, I really like to do both. That’s why I started Box H Construction,” says Chris.

When he’s not working you can bet he’s with his wife, Chelsey, daughter Vera and new-born son, Harley. They enjoy time on the lake and camping, and riding horses on the family homestead where his grandfather and great grandfather were born and raised.

Why we are different

Myself and all of my guys are Sandpoint natives, born and raised. We’ve noticed quite a boom in the building industry around here lately. We’ve also notice quite a lot of companies coming through town that we’ve never heard of before. Maybe you’ve noticed that as well. Some appear rather big and flashy. From Washington State perhaps. Others are just hard-working guys from Montana or wherever. There’s nothing wrong with any of that. Nothing at all. We just sort of wonder where they’ll be when things settle down a bit. We know where we’ll be. We’ll be where we’ve always been. Right here in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho.

Or, maybe you don’t think things are going to settle down a bit. Well, in that case hire local anyway. Maybe you have a son or daughter who would like to get into the building industry. We can talk about that too. We’re always hiring.

Your project is local. Your builder should be too.

Super Efficient

Current market conditions like lumber prices and supply chain inconsistencies demand it.

Deeply Commited

To our families and our clients, as well as our community. We're all here for the long-term.

Highly Skilled

We're a relatively young company, but we've each been working our way up in an industry we love.

Chris Turnbull


Shea Dawe

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Janet Morris
A 2013 graduate of Sandpoint High School and 5th generation resident of North Idaho, Chris is committed to his family, the community, and the customers he serves.
Chris Turnbull
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Sean Fisher

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